We are Specialists in RFID Systems

We Think, Analyze, Create, Produce and Develop

RFID Solutions Egypt tracks the best in RFID technology to facilitate our customers get integrated solutions according to their needs.

RFID Solutions Egypt is the ideal partner when implementing your RFID projects from 2014

Smart Gate
Smart Tunnel
Smart Robot
Smart Scales
Smart Cabinet
Intelligent Gun

First Egyptian
Smart Security Device

As it records the attendees in any institution with all their details in terms of the dates of their attendance and departure, with the possibility of allowing specific people to attend .

And the ability to integrate with any system.

60% of our component created by our hands

3D Printing

One of our tools

One of our methods of innovation and creativity is the use of the latest tools to keep pace with development and implement the requirements of the client in a professional way as this from our priorities.

Analyze your needs

We interview the client and study all his requirements carefully and make a detailed inspection of the site and make an analysis of all these data in order to design a solution appropriate to his case, and help us on applying the solution appropriate that we use Agile in software and 6 Sigma mindset in our solution .

Agile is the reigning champions of the software development methodologies. Waterfall makes sure the project is on time and budget. It’s resilient to change and new ideas. It can, however, take more time to deliver software.