RFID Egypt Power

RFID Egypt

Established Since 2014

Explain your needs and let us create the right custom solution

We interview the client, identify his needs and study all his problems, and then we analyze them to find the optimal solutions according to the client's requirements, and during this trip , we make the client our partner to share with him to develop and reach the perfect solution

Establish updates and maintenance with the customer, as our first and last goal is customer satisfaction

Khaled Abdallah Chairman
Ahmed Mohsen Product Manager
Mostafa Ahmed Development Manager
Eslam Fouad Business Developer
Maha ElShafeey Account Manager
Israa Waheed Live Operation Manager
Heba Rabiee Sales Team Superviser
Eslam Mostafa Technical Support Manager
Mohamed Fathy Accountant Manager
Youssef Saeed Accountant Manager
Waleed Mohamed Technical Manager
Tamer Nazmy Technical Support
Sohanda Sayed Sales Team
Mahmoud ElWatidy Software Engineer
Maria Farag Developer
Mostafa Ahmed Developer
Nuhyer Nabil Social Media Specialist

Over 7 Years

Developing our skills

Because of our experience in the market that reaches 7 years in dealing with different customers in all areas of RFID

And this had a role in providing us with the ability to deal with all problems.