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iPark System is an integrated system that is characterized by the highest degree of protection and safety, and provides complete information, whether on the vehicles of owners or visitors, in addition to photocopying the card and the license for visitors.

And hosting them via the QR Code, other than the ability to link with the cameras, and the protection levels on the tag (entry and exit card or stickers) to keep against forgery.

RFID Technology based process control is extremely important. Provides state of the art solutions for enhanced process control and efficiency which are used widely in some industries and enable mass production. Advantages related not only to speed but also to greater accuracy, Distance optimization,

and flexibility in identification where a product can be recognized although it is moving and not in the line of sight of the reader. Finally a considerably higher amount of data could be stored.

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By automating data collection, RFID technology vastly reduces human effort – and error. Because RFID technology reads multiple tags at once without requiring a line of site customers are able to more quickly and accurately locate assets without climbing on ladders, cramming under desks, or scanning labels one-by-one.

RFID is a technology that delivers valuable benefits for business. RFID Solutions Egypt has the experience in putting this technology to work for our customers, helping them to realize the benefits of automatic identification.

The need for flexible and scalable warehouse solutions is growing as supply chain operator’s ty to meet rising industry challenges and consumer demands coupled with the talent shortage, these challenges can result in product loss or damage, lack of visibility and increasing operating costs

RFID Technology make it possible through providing solutions:

1) Simplify business processes

2) Helps prevent theft

3) Reduce waste, and decreases the need for manual Checks and counts.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology which is used widely across many sectors and the Internet of Things (IoT) are delivering dramatic improvements in business efficiencies one of the most important sector in RFID is retail Here are some of the main advantages that RFID technology brings to the retail sector.

1-Stock Management (replenishment) RFID enables retailers to have real-time stock information.

2-Supply Chain Management(warehouse) Retailers can also use readers installed at the entrance and exit of their warehouse to read tags on shipped items and delivery vehicles.

3-Point of sale RFID systems have a lot to offer retailers. They can identify every product in-store with a unique identifying number; they reduce the need for human resources and eradicate human error by automating processes.

4-Security (Gates) This means that if anyone takes an item out of the building without permission or which is not paid for, scanners on the exits can set off an alarm.

RFID is a combination of radio-frequency-based technology and microchip technology.

The information contained on microchips in the tags affixed to library materials is read using radio frequency technology regardless of item orientation or alignment (i.e.,

the technology does not require line-of-sight or a fixed plane to read tags as do traditional theft detection systems) and distance from the item is not a critical factor except in the case of extra-wide exit gates.

The corridors at the building exit(s) can be as wide as four feet because the tags can be read at a distance of up to two feet by each of two parallel exit sensors.

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The Smart Cabinets with RFID technology provide an intuitive user interface with point-of-use reports and a simple user interface to track and manage items in real time.

When the item is removed from the specified location or shelves, the smart locker instantly records and tracks the product to automatically manage the inventory which saves time and improves tracking items.

Brilliant system based on radio frequency identification (RFID), it can be used in kid’s area to keep children safe in the place using real-time positioning system. The technology, which combines RFID tags, allows parents or other group members to locate their family and friends anytime while they are inside.

Each visitor, included in the entrance fee, receives a plastic bracelet that combines a transmitter and an active RFID tag. Through the RFID technology and the bracelet worn by the child, all activities that he performs inside the place are recorded on the system.

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Race Timing Systems Software is designed for Marathon and Fun Runs, also can be used in Bike Race, Horse Race, Car Race, Motorsports, and any other racing events. This software is user friendly and can be setup in few minutes. The software used to time and score events is a critical component of any timing system. RFID Race Timing has invested heavily in software development to produce intuitive and reliable programs to support our timing hardware.

Auto-Calculate Pace Time based on Finished Time/Elapsed Time/Gun Time. Supports races with multiple laps and automatically computes and ranks by total time. Supports races with handicaps, or multiple start times.

RIFD UHF access control systems have been in use for several years and are becoming increasingly popular in the post 9/11 world. In addition to potentially improving operational efficiencies, controlling access with RFID-enabled ID badges allows organizations the typical RFID-based controlled access solution consists of: 

1) Tags that contain unique identification data capable of access to restricted areas.

2) A mechanism for reading the RFID tags at the access control points.

3) RFID Tags can be placed on any objects (paper - plastic ID cards- key Fob).

3) Reduce waste, and decreases the need for manual Checks and counts.

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The Laundry management system provides a complete software and RFID solution for managing the laundry operations from production to administration, inventory management and Monitor productivity within the laundry for various tasks, sophisticated commercial laundries as well as hospital and hotel laundry

RFID Solutions Egypt integrates the latest RFID technology to most efficiently manage industrial laundry operations, and hotel and hospital laundries. The system streamlines and automates laundry operations to cut labor costs and provide real-time information to lower operating expenses.

Laundry Management System will enable your business to best manage, automatically track laundry activity by Administrator, it accurately records laundry activity and provides Automat Dashboard Information Real Time.

A face detect device is mounted on a suitable wall or turnstile where the personnel are passing. The face owner, who is given admin authority, introduces the faces of the personnel to the device. The face detect device scans and saves the faces of the personnel in 2 dimensions at different angles and distances.

Afterwards, the personnel approach and look at the camera at a distance of 30-60 cm and the device provides access by recognizing personnel in less than 1 second.

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The RFID smart shelf enables the customer to have full control over all the items deposited into it.

They provide real-time inventory on demand, the location of a specific item, replenishment needs for each item and even the number of times the item is extracted.

It has a wide application in many sectors, as it is used to find out the stock of "corners" found in multi-brand stores through a web browser from anywhere and from any device or moment. Also useful for finding tools in workshops, surgical materials in hospitals, etc.

Used to determine the work time spent on manual inventories, Human error involved in manual stock counting, Items are out of stock, Stealing things, lost materials.

Attendance is one of the crucial factors in any organization. It is a form of management that holds the company together UHF attendance systems can help any size organizations such as (school, university, company…and so on)

The cost of RFID based attendance system is also extremely affordable. The key point is that a great deal of manual processes can be involved in attendance and entry as well as calculating hours attended.

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Smart Wallet app changes the way payments are made. With Smart Wallet you can easily pay and buy directly through ( card - bracelet - key fob )

Enjoy the new payment experience that is easy to use, secure, faster than cash and much smarter allowing you to perform everyday payment.

Easily connect to, model, and visualize your data, creating memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand. Get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions—even when asking with conversational language.

Make the most of your big data investments by connecting to all your data sources with the scale to analyze, share, and promote insights across your organization while maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and security.

Work together easily on the same data, collaborate on reports, and share insights across popular Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Teams and Excel—empowering everyone in your organization to quickly make data-driven decisions that drive strategic actions.

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